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All information contained in this website and any accompanying presentation relating to the investments, capital commitments, realisations, structures, investment strategies and objectives of the Fund is indicative only, and has been based on internal assumptions which have not been verified and are therefore subject to material corrections, verifications and amendments which may alter the substantive terms of any proposed fund.

No person has been authorised in connection with this website or any accompanying presentation to give any information or to make any representations in connection with the Fund other than as contained in the final private information memorandum for the Fund. Statements contained in this presentation regarding future investment objectives are based upon a general indication of current areas of interest and potential investment opportunities and may not develop into actual transactions at all or in a timely manner The information presented should not be construed as reflecting actual or binding commitments to invest in any manner or in any assets or entities, nor should it be relied upon for any investment decision or determination as to whether or not to invest in funds managed or advised by Arcmor or any entities through which its designated individuals act. Please refer to the final offering documents with respect to the Fund for definitive information in this regard.

This website and any accompanying presentation does not constitute an offer to subscribe for the Fund or any other investment. Any such investments are suitable only for institutional investors and financially sophisticated individuals who have taken appropriate professional advice and who have the financial ability to bear the risk involved. The information in this presentation is general information only. No representations or warranties are made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information in this presentation and this presentation should not be relied upon for making any investment decision.

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